Recorded from a trip

Hello cadet- the future master ships of TMM / CSM. I would like to share with you the time you study in the Philippines and Singapore. I spent two weeks studying in Manila at two of the Philippines’ first class crew training centers, the UNITED MARINE TRAINING CENTER (UMTC), EUROPEAN TRAINING & COMPETENCE (ETCC). There you learn with crew members of the world, the instructors are not only Filipinos but also teachers from the European countries. Modern and professional learning environment, modern simulation equipment makes you feel like you are doing real. With accommodation and accommodation, you will be staying in 4- to 5-star hotels along with the area of ​​Europe, will be staffed here with the best conditions, full facilities, swimming pool, gym, … and especially the travel between the two UMTC-ETCC to learn private car and driver pick-up. When I came to Singapore, I was contacted, talked and introduced to Top management, all departments at CSM – Singapore. We have 5 days to learn about the company’s policies and procedures as well as express their concerns about the company to the Vietnamese staff. All of us find CSM to be an extremely professional working environment and have a policy of caring for the very good crew and a place where we can work and dedicate. Hope your sharing and feelings will help you orient your career prospects when engaged with TMM / CSM. Wish you work safely, study well and hope someday will be the chief boat of TMM / CSM. Love !


Best regards,

C/O Trần Văn Chinh
M/V Asia Ruby I – CSM Fleet