The Transport Ministry seeks to ‘shore up’ sea transport

On 12/12, the Ministry of Transport’s Office said that Minister Nguyen Van The has had a meeting with leaders of Vietnam Maritime Bureau, inland waterway, Vietnam Register on mechanisms, policies and solutions to improve the market. Sea Freight, Sea-River Freighter.


The large transport terminal at Chu Lai Truong Hai complex. Photo: D.May

Minister Nguyen Van The commented that Vietnam has great potential for water transport (including inland water transport and sea transport). “Vietnam’s shipping, especially in the North, has not developed yet, so we do not have a solution or have not had appropriate mechanisms and policies to encourage enterprises to participate in inland waterway transport and coastal transport? “, the minister questioned.

Nguyen Xuan Sang, director of Vietnam Maritime Administration, said that from April 2014 to September 2017, the volume of goods transported by VR-SB (through seaports) was 31.5 million tons; About 70% of containerized cargo is shipped by sea, the remaining 30% (mainly frozen cargo, seafood …) due to demand for transportation should go by road. The current fleet structure is quite diversified, ensuring the domestic demand for transportation, technical equipment of the ship basically meet the provisions of law and international conventions. However, the age of ships is high, the level of ship exploitation is limited.