TMM SHIPMANAGEMENT CO., LTD was officially established and came into operation on July 13, 2017.

TMM SHIPMANAGEMENT CO., LTD is principally engaged in the training, management and supply of crew members for domestic and foreign shipowners and shipping agency services.

In addition, TMM has tie-up with with the United Hospitality Institute (UHI) in Cyprus for study, training and supply of manpower to yachts, hotels and restaurants in Europe.

Currently, we are catering to a fleet of tankers, container ships, general cargo ships, and bulk carriers UK, HongKong, Cyprus, Germany, the Netherlands, UAE, Singapore….

With over 25 years of experience in recruitment of suitably trained, qualified and properly certified seafarers, the company is committed to become the reliable address of the owners.

TMM SHIPMANAGEMENT CO., LTD would like to express our sincere thanks to the crew members, relevant agencies, customers who have cooperated and supported enterprises in the recent past and wish to continue to cooperate effectively in the future along with sustainable development.


TMM’s CEO & Founder is Mr. Tran Minh Dung, graduated from Vietnam Maritime University in 1994,

with more than 25 years of experience in crew management and labor export at leading enterprises in Vietnam with the following positions:

Deputy General Director of INLACO SAIGON (Nov. 1994 – Apr. 2007),

Deputy General Director of VINASHIN SIDC (May 2007 – Aug. 2010),

Crewing Director of PVTRANS (Sept. 2010 – June 2017).




PIC Rank Email / Phone
Mr Tran Minh Dung CEO tmm@tmm-shipmanagement.com
+ 84 2252838999 (desk)
Ms Tran Thi Hong Office & HR Manager hr@tmm-shipmanagement.com
+84 385993455
Capt Tran Van Chinh Crewing & Training Manager crews@tmm-shipmanagement.com
+ 84 346606866
Ms Nguyen Thi Nga D. Crewing Manager crews@tmm-shipmanagement.com
+ 84 369189486
Capt Nguyen Tuan Tu D. Training Manager training@tmm-shipmanagement.com
+ 84 343907328
Ms Vu Thi Huong Chief Account accounting@tmm-shipmanagement.com
+ 84 798353387
Ms Le Thi Thao Crewing Officer crews@tmm-shipmanagement.com
+84 362988268
Ms Pham Thi Minh Hue Personnel Officer hr@tmm-shipmanagement.com
+84 977655758
Ms Nguyen Thanh Huyen Personnel Officer hr@tmm-shipmanagement.com
+ 84 788282066
Capt Do Duy Phuc Training Officer training@tmm-shipmanagement.com
+ 84 389279888
C/E Tran Thanh Khoa Training Officer training@tmm-shipmanagement.com
+ 84 909660358
C/E Le Van Nguyen Training Officer training@tmm-shipmanagement.com
+ 84 981564708